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DIY Reuse Plastic bags

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Trash Bags to Hand Bags How-to 2 The Doane College chapter of Roots and Shoots shows you how to create hand bags using plastic bags from stores to help the environment
Making Plastic Bag Yarn Learn how to make "yarn" from plastic bags in a few simple steps!
Plastic Bag Crochet Project One of the projects kare4kenya worked on during their stay in kawangware in August 2007.
Gambian Women Make Purses from Trash Bags The women of Mandinaba, The Gambia, west Africa generate income by crocheting coin purses from strips of recycled plastic bags.
Plastic Bag Crochet - CRAFT Video Podcast Cristen Andrews of shares with us her plastic bag crafts and shows us how to get started with crocheting plastic bags.
 Plastic bags made useful   Cheri E. Woodman of Saginaw crochets things from plastic bags. Not only does she make hand and shopping bags, she makes hats, shawls, slippers and ...
How to knit plastic bags together How to make yarn from plastic shopping bags to be knit or crocheted together.
Recycled plastic/Makeup brush roll i was inspired to make a bag because of I have alot of recycled products but this is the first sewing project that i did with plastic bags
Recycle your plastic grocery bags into a dog leash How to turn those pesky plastic grocery bags that seem to pile up into a cool dog leash and also help keep plastic bags out of our landfills
DIY! Make a purse or bag out of garbage bags/ grocery bags!  Make a purse (or bag) out of garbage bags or grocery type bags! Enjoy!
Making a Soccerball out of Plastic Bags Video of a child in Africa manufacturing a soccer ball from plastic bags and string.
Plastic Bag Crochet  Cristen Andrews shares her plastic bag crafts and shows us how to get started with crocheting plastic bags.

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