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DIY Recycle / DIY Reuse

In this DIY site you will find a collection of How-To videos featuring various Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects and a community built around helping the environment by spreading creative reuse of objects that are otherwise filling our world with garbage. 

The cost of reuse is much lower than that of recycling and it is more enjoyable and inspiring . When others see our creative use of 'garbage' they might get inspired and reuse objects instead of throwing them; Objects like plastic bags, old CDs, plastic bottles, cans, old clothes and other stuff. Who imagined you can reuse garbage and make it into beautiful art or useful things like bags, laptop cases and all kinds of toys for children, cats, dogs and birds!

There are a lot of projects here that are shared by people from different parts of the world. These people all share one thing, love for the environment, and so do we.

Another one of our goals is to build a community around creative reuse and spreading this concept. Please join us !!



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There are a variety of DIY recycling projects featured in this site. Some are complicated and some are very simple, some are geeky and some are useless but fun. We hope that you browse enough projects until you find something that you can actually do. It is an opportunity to be creative, make something unique with your own hands!, save money and save the environment all at the same time!!


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